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Tom is a London based comedy and entertainment producer and director. He’s been working in TV since 2008 when one of his first jobs was making tea for Vic and Bob on Shooting Stars. Hot gossip: Bob takes six sugars!

His viral short film ‘Dorota: mystical rainbow’ got him his first proper job shooting interviews all over the USA for Rude Tube on E4 and from there he ended up filming a bunch of different telly - reality TV in India, a prank show in San Francisco, and something regrettable with Alan Titchmarsh in Bedford.

He was a shooting producer on series 1 of the Netflix documentary series ‘Joel and Nish vs the world’ following Nish Kumar and Joel Dommett meeting tribes around the globe, produced and directed the travel log ‘The Comedy Bus’ for Comedy Central starring Tom Allen, Joel Dommett, Kiri Pritchard-Mclean, Iain Sterling, Suzi Ruffell and Darren Harriot and directed VTs for two series of E4’s Tattoo Fixers.

Tom’s directed short form series ‘Rosie tries to help’ ‘What I wish I’d said’ and ‘Dragony Aunts’ for Comedy Central and ‘Bad Dates’ and ‘Total Recast’ for Channel 4.

In 2018 he spent six months working as a comedy producer at the BBC where he was responsible for commissioning new talent, developing scripts and directing comedy sketches. His BBC3 sketch ‘Life After Brexit’ currently has something like 12.5 million views on facebook. He’s always writing and shooting short films and developing long form projects.

Tom is a member of filmmaking collective Mister Tibbs and regularly performs with acclaimed improv theatre The Free Association. In his spare time he paints pictures.